Nudist driven out of Holkham beach

A beach that has been a nudist haven for more than 40 years will be closed to the nudists after complaints about “lewd and antisocial behaviour” in the dunes.  i.e. people having sex on the beach.

The long beach at Holkham, described by VisitEngland as “windswept and glorious”,and which was the scene for the closing scenes of the film Shakespeare in Love, currently has a designated naturist section.  However the managers of the Holkham estate have decided to prohibit naturists from using the beach.

Anyone who knows any nudists knows that they tend to be very respectful people who care about the image that they have within society.  There have been lots of times in the past when nudists have clashed with swingers and exhibitionists over such behaviour.   However, there are a lot of ignorant people who immediately associate nudity with sex.  Some couples think that since there are naked people around, nobody will mind them having sex in public.  This is not true.  Actually their presence is objected to even more at a naturist beach than in any other remote area.

Public sex is illegal, whilst public nudity is not.  However the people who obey and respect the laws are being punished for the actions of thosewho do not.  The innocent nude visitors to the beach are being driven out by the people who are almost certainly not nudists, but who get off having sex outdoors.

About Colin H

Ancient historian specialising in Greco-Roman siegecraft who also does 11th century reenactment. I am also a keen dancer and a nudist.
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