Why did I become a naturist?

I think that one of the questions which people most often ask upon meeting a nudist, or naturist is what got them into it.

For me it was probably quite an unusual beginning, as it started as a way to try to overcome my shyness.

I guess that probably sounds a bit strange to you.  “I feel really shy, what can I do about it? I know; I’ll get naked.”  It doesn’t seem to make much sense.

The thing is, during my early childhood we thought nothing of stripping naked and playing on the beach.  My parents had quite a healthy, open attitude to nudity.  They were certainly not full-time naturists, but they would routinely strip off at the beach.  When we moved to Dorset they still sometimes went to Studland beach, but by that time my elder sister was going through puberty and we stopped going to nudist beaches.  I was too young to say whether it was because of Fi that my parents stopped taking us to nudist beaches, but from when I was 7 nudity was no longer so normal.

Spin on a few decades, after I had grown up into a shy adult, fallen in love, got married, had my wife break my heart, leaving me for an old school friend, and got divorced.  My self esteem was shattered and my confidence in relationships was at an all time low.  I wanted to make a fresh start, but I wanted to build up my confidence.  It was then that I remembered those early days playing naked on the beach.  I decided to go again to Studland beach, thinking that if I had the confidence to strip naked in front of complete strangers then I would have more confidence to face people.

I went, I stripped and I felt liberated.  It wasn’t a daunting experience.  Being naked felt natural.  I liked it.

Beachy Days 275

I have not fully embraced a naturist lifestyle.  I never was a great sun worshiper.  I burn relatively easily and I would get bored just lying in the sun.  I share a house with people who would feel uncomfortable with me wandering around naked and the garden is overlooked by quite a few neighbours.  I would go skinny-dipping on the local beaches and sometimes take a naked stroll through the countryside, but I’m not naked that often.

I like being naked, but I prefer it to be social nudity.  I don’t have a regular partner to join me in my naturist interest and if I am on my own I worry about how people will react when they see me.  People tend to be judgmental of lone, naked men.  I like to be naked around other naked people, socialising and engaging in some activity whilst naked.  I like being able to feel normal whilst naked.

I don’t think that naturism is for everyone and if people prefer to stay covered up, I think that is fine.  However, I think our bodies are natural.  I don’t think there should be anything wrong with seeing a naked person.  What is the sense in putting on a swimming costume to go swimming?  When it is hot, what is wrong with stripping off?  I think that people should have the freedom to be naked when they want, without being judged for it.  That is why I am a member of British Naturism and support naturism.

About Colin H

Ancient historian specialising in Greco-Roman siegecraft who also does 11th century reenactment. I am also a keen dancer and a nudist.
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3 Responses to Why did I become a naturist?

  1. peter middleton says:

    I too think like you when on the beach when you are changing why both trying to keep the towel round you when changing. The last time when i was taken my trunks off i just let the towel go No one took any notice.
    I have seen your photos on flicker and one day i too may do the naked bike ride.

  2. Danny Hurst says:

    i love it and i love being a nudist

  3. alan says:

    i also love to get naked, and would love to get naked on my bike, because i need to get fit, do no any naked walks or bile rides in the north east , south shields area

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