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Why BN should matter to you.

There are probably a lot of people in Britain who enjoy being naked but don’t feel there is any point in joining British Naturism.  I think that they are doing a lot of things which should really matter to you, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s war on Femen: Censorship gone mad

There are a lot of things which the radical Ukranian women’s movement Femen could be criticised for.  Their protests are often aggressive.  Their stance against sharia law often appears to take a wider ‘anti-Islam’ approach.  They are certainly a very controversial … Continue reading

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Nudity isn’t evil but your view on it might be

An interesting, well written article on nudity from a non-nudist perspective.

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Yet another single male nudist. Best to avoid him.

There are a lot more single men than single women naturists.  This is a major issue that has been much debated for decades and yet nothing seems to be changing.  If anything the situation is getting worse. I think a … Continue reading

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Nudity in sport? That could never be allowed.

Some of you may have seen a news article recently in the Irish Mirror about how a triathlete was disqualified for having her breasts on show whilst changing. “Mary Curran, 49, was disqualified from the swim, cycle and run … Continue reading

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The decline of the Midsummer Skinnydip

A few years ago Alison Powell suggested to her friends that they go skinnydipping.  They replied that they might do it if it was the middle of summer and if it was for a good cause.  This inspired her to … Continue reading

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Nudist driven out of Holkham beach

A beach that has been a nudist haven for more than 40 years will be closed to the nudists after complaints about “lewd and antisocial behaviour” in the dunes.  i.e. people having sex on the beach. The long beach at … Continue reading

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WNBR Cardiff

Last weekend I took part in the World Naked Bike Ride in Cardiff.  I had hoped to be able to participate in the big London ride the week earlier, but unfortunately was unable to attend.  The morning was pretty changeable … Continue reading

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Why did I become a naturist?

I think that one of the questions which people most often ask upon meeting a nudist, or naturist is what got them into it. For me it was probably quite an unusual beginning, as it started as a way to … Continue reading

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